Heather Patterson

    U of T Degree: BA 1966 English

    ISBN: 978-0-439-95758-8
    Scholastic Canada Ltd.

    I Am Canada

    Born in Vancouver, Heather Patterson grew up in Toronto with two wonderful parents and five brothers and sisters in a close-knit family. After university she became an elementary school teacher, then stayed home to raise three daughters. When Heather went to work at Scholastic, she started her career there as a book club editor in the marketing division, managing various book clubs over many years and is now an editor in publishing. Heather shares a home with her husband in Toronto, where she is a "Grammie," a quilter, a curler, a nature nut, and a book lover. She is passionately Canadian as is reflected in her most recent book, I Am Canada. She is also the author of A Poppy is to Remember, illustrated by Ron Lightburn and published in 2006.

    Favourite Books
    One favourite that stands the test of time is Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

    Favourite U of T Class
    Anthropology with Dr. J. Norman Emerson, in which we had the opportunity to participate in a dig at Copiague.

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