My time at Vic was extremely compelling and transformative, and one of the greatest episodes of my life. The depth of experiences I gained and the lasting friendships I made have been integral to my career as a publisher and to my life. That’s why I decided to make an annual donation to Victoria College. I started with small gifts soon after graduating and have increased my contributions over the years whenever I am able. At the end of the day, it's not the dollar amount that matters but the desire to give back.
    I feel good knowing that I am making a positive impact on this generation of Vic students. I hope you'll join me and make a donation to the Victoria College Annual Fund this year.
    Your gift will play a critical role in ensuring Vic continues to provide students with unparalleled academic programs and multi-faceted learning opportunities that will prepare them for the infinite possibilities that come later in life.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Harvey Botting Vic 6T7, MBA 8T5

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