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    At Victoria College, we strive to ensure that every student has a diverse and fulfilling university experience. Achieving that goal depends greatly upon our ability to offer inspiring programs and financial awards so promising students—like Rija Saleem pictured—can focus on their studies and realize their full potential.

    Rija excelled in the enriched first-year program, Vic One, which offers face-to-face interaction with students and faculty in small-class settings. Now in her third year, Rija has received the prestigious Vari Scholarship each year. This financial support has allowed her to focus on her studies while spending more time participating in co-curricular activities such as the student-produced magazine Hey, Teach! and volunteering in an outreach program in city schools. Rija’s experience continues to be made possible through your support.

    Help us continue to offer enhanced learning opportunities and financial awards to students like Rija by making your gift to the Victoria College Annual Fund today.


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