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Photo Album Name: Beijing, U of T All-Alumni Reception, April 21, 2009

U of T All-Alumni Reception at the Alvin Hamilton Room of the Embassy of Canada in Beijing   
VIC President Paul W. Gooch welcoming alumni and friends   
Dr. Tse Chung-Ming (DDS 1977)   
Lee Anne Yu (BASc 2006 NEW) and friend   
Kevin Leung (BASc 1998 COMP), Peter Forster, Richard Liu (Canadians in China) and Barry Yiu (BASc 1983 VIC)   
Dr. Yi-jun Song (MA 1987; EdD 1994), Kevin Leung (BASc 1998 COMP), Richard Liu and Professor Pauline Thompson  
Professor Pauline Thompson with lucky draw winner Allen Zuo (MBA 2004)   
Richard Liu with lucky draw winner Ivy-Lerner Frank   
Kevin Leung (BASc 1998 COMP) with lucky draw winner Serena Wu Shuang  
Dr. Yi-jun Song (MA 1987; EdD 1994) with lucky draw winner Mandy Ma (BCom 2005 WDW)   
Keli Zhou (BCom 2006 WDW) and Philip Ng   
Xu Lei (BCom 2006 TRIN), Liu Guanyan and friend  
Stephanie Ma (MBA 2003), Justin Wong (BCom 2005 VIC) and Guo Yang   
Lina Li (EducGlobal - China) and Zhang Bijia (Exchange Student at Peking University)   
Kevin Leung (BASc 1998 COMP) and Justin Wong (BCom 2004 UC)   
Emma Lin (HBA 2008 UC), Lucy Liu (BCom 2005 TRIN) and Zhang Bijia (Exchange Student at Peking University)   
Yang Yizheng (HBSc 1997 TRIN), Susan Xy (LLM 2004) and Jacqueline Wang (MMPA 2002)   
Dr. Yi-jun Song (MA 1987; EdD 1994), Counsellor (Commercial - Ontario) officiated the event.