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Photo Album Name: Hong Kong, "Alumni Amazing Tour" for U of T Summer Exchange Student - 14/06

U of T Staff Michelle Poon giving a briefing to Alumni Volunteer on the Alumni Amazing Tour   
Patrick Lee (Current U of T Student)   
In this photo: Raymond Ng (BASc 2003 ELEC), and George Chan (BSc 1983 UC)  
Tommy Yuen (BBA 2004 UTSC)   
A group photo of alumni volunteers with U of T Summer Exchange Students before the departure of the tour  
Raymond Ng (BASc 2003 ELEC) and Rosina Lai (HBA 1994 SMC)   
Briefing continues...   
In this photo: Eric Chiu (BASc 2004 COMP), Raymond Ng (BASc 2003 ELEC), Rosina Lai (HBA 1994 SMC), and Anna Lau (BA 1992 SMC)  
A group photo of our volunteers: Raymond Ng (BASc 2003 ELEC), Patrick Lee (Current Student), Tommy Yuen (BBA 2004 UTSC), Eric Chiu (BASc 2004 COMP), Michelle Poon (HBSc 2005 NEW), Andrew Chen (HBA 2008 VIC), Anna Lau (BA 1992 SMC), Rosina Lai (HBA 1994 SMC), Allan Poon (HBSc 2005 SMC),George Chan (BSc 1983 UC), Clifford Ching  
Summer Abroad Student, alumni volunteer Allan Poon (HBSc 2005 SMC)