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Congratulations to all 2014 Awards of Excellence recipients!

Learn more about the recipients of this year’s awards.

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    About the Awards of Excellence

    Throughout its rich history, the University of Toronto has striven to promote and recognize excellence among its community members. The University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA) has played an integral role in supporting this mission, developing and administering a distinguished awards program to acknowledge outstanding faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The UTAA awards programs date back to 1921, with the initiation of the John H. Moss Scholarship, awarded to outstanding student leaders. 

    in 1990 when three individual awards administered by the UTAA — the Moss Scholarship, the Faculty Award and the Chancellor's Award — were united under one program. Though the criteria differed for each award, recipients all shared a commitment to enhancing the university experience of their peers and left a significant impact on the University through their efforts.





    Since 1990, seven more distinct awards or scholarships recognizing exceptional students, faculty, and administrative staff members of the University have been added to the Awards of Excellence program, most recently, the Vivek Goel Faculty Citizenship Award.

    The Awards of Excellence celebrate members of the University of Toronto community who, through their individual efforts and accomplishments, have contributed to the University's vision of becoming a leader among the world's best public teaching and research universities. Those honoured through the program have stepped up to the challenge of making rich and meaningful contributions to the University, the community, and to the world.


    The 2014 Awards of Excellence ceremony honouring this year’s recipients was held on April 1st


    The Awards of Excellence Ceremony

    The Awards of Excellence are bestowed in an annual ceremony every Spring recognizing recipients for their outstanding achievements. The 2014 ceremony took place on April 1st at the Isabel Bader Theatre. Click here to view photographs of the ceremony.

    Photo Credit: Gustavo Toledo



    Awards of Excellence Scholarship Recipients are the leaders of their classes. Academically, they take advantage of the quality and breadth of learning and research opportunities provided by the University. Through leadership in athletics, student government, clubs and student groups, they enhance the experiences of their peers by contributing to the development of diverse and strong student communities.

    John H. Moss Scholarship
    An up to $16,650 scholarship awarded to a graduating student with an undergraduate degree recognizing academic achievement and extra-curricular involvement.

    Adel S. Sedra Distinguished Graduate Award
    An up to $25,000 fellowship for doctoral candidates recognizing academic achievement, extra-curricular leadership, and involvement in the life of the University. 


    Those honoured through the Awards of Excellence reflect the University's vision of becoming a leader among the world's best public teaching and research universities in its discovery, preservation and sharing of knowledge through its teaching and research and its commitment to excellence and equity. Award recipients support this objective in a variety of ways-from providing students with academically challenging and exciting, well-taught programs, to ensuring that the University of Toronto community is sensitive to the diversity of its population, to sharing their discovery and knowledge through public stewardship. What unites Awards of Excellence recipients is their commitment and contribution to the advancement of the University's vision, mission, values, and major goals.

    Faculty Award

    A $1,000 prize recognizing excellence in teaching, research, and professional endeavours.

    Carolyn Tuohy Impact on Public Policy Award
    A prize of up to $800 recognizing excellence in teaching, research, and the impact of scholarship on public policy .

    Chancellor's Award
    Two $1,000 prizes for outstanding contributions by an administrative staff member.

    Joan E. Foley Quality of Student Experience Award
    A $1,000 award given to a student, alumnus/a, administrative staff or faculty member who has made significant contribution to improving the quality of academic or extra-curricular student life on campus.

    Ludwik and Estelle Jus Memorial Human Rights Prize
    A prize of up to $1,500 prize recognizing positive and lasting contributions to education and action in the fight against discrimination. Faculty, staff, and students may be nominated for this award.

    Northrop Frye Award
    A $2,000 award given to a faculty member and a $6,000 award given to a Department or Division, recognizing distinguished achievements in linking teaching and research.

    Vivek Goel Faculty Citizenship Award
    An award of up to $2,500 given to a faculty member who has served the university with distinction in multiple leadership capacities, including committees, governance bodies and external organizations complementary to the university’s academic mission.