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Soldiers' Tower Carillon

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Soldiers' Tower Carillon Bells

The Soldiers' Tower Carillon was dedicated to the University of Toronto on October 6, 1927. The bells are cast in bronze and tuned such that they can be sounded together in varied chords with harmonious and concordant effect. Additional bells were donated to the original 23 bells in memory of the members of the university who fell in the Second World War. Currently, there are 51 bells of the Soldiers’ Tower Carillon ranging in weight from 4 tons to 23 pounds.

Though the Carillon can be heard clearly at a distance, the best places to listen are Hart House Circle lawn, the back campus, and the Hart House and University College quadrangles. As well, seating is arranged at the base of Soldiers' Tower where a television monitor captures the Carillonneur's performance.