U of T Memory Book

    Whether you graduated five years ago or 50 years ago, we want to hear about your experiences as a student at the University of Toronto!

    Please take a moment to share a few of your memories and school-time photographs with us. We've provided a few questions to get you into the spirit, but feel free to share any memories with us!

    Submissions will be compiled in the online Memory Book. The first edition is now posted!
    Spring Reunion Memory Book Submission
    Share Your Memories and Experiences
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    Please tell us a bit about yourself:
    Graduation year:
    If you hold multiple degrees from U of T, please give us the grad year of your first degree
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    Program / area of study:

    Do you have any photos from your time as a student? If so, we'd love to see them! You can upload a maximum of three photos using the file upload boxes, below:
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    I would like my photos included in the SHAKER slideshow at Maro.

    What is the most memorable aspect of your experience at U of T? What did you do for fun? Did you play any pranks? Did you have a nickname during your time at U of T?  If so, what was it, and why?
    Tell us about your experiences while at U of T:

    What was your favourite place to socialize on campus? Did you have a favourite study place? In what way has the university changed most since you were a student?
    Tell us about your memories of the U of T campus:

    Who was your favourite professor and why? What was your favourite class and why? What do you know now that you wish you knew while you were still a student?
    Tell us about your memories of academic life at U of T:

    During your time at U of T, what did you think you would do after graduation?  Where did you go after you graduated?  What are you doing now?
    Tell us about what you've been up to since graduation:

    Thank you for taking the time to share your memories and experiences.

    Submissions will be compiled into an online memory book and may be used in additional promotional materials.
    I understand and agree that the University may use the information and photographs provided through this form for the Memory Book. I grant U of T the right to use, reproduce, and transmit this content for the Memory Book on a royalty‑free, perpetual basis.

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