Get for free and enjoy:

  • No advertising on webmail
  • 30 GB of storage for your emails, documents, and photos
  • Easy access from any computer anywhere:
    • From any computer using the user-friendly web interface
    • From your home computer using a desktop client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook)
    • From your smartphone and tablet
  • Instant messaging with Google Hangout
  • Excellent spam filtering
  • 25 MB attachment limit, or up to 10 GB via Google Drive
  • Work from anywhere with Google Docs
  • Stay organized with Google Calendar
  • Personalize your start page with news feeds and widgets
  • Create filters, automatic message forwarding and subfolders to manage your mail
  • Integrate with existing GMail accounts
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30 GB of storage, accessible anywhere
Choose from a variety of visual themes
Includes other Google Services, such as Google Docs and Calendar
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Some other things you should know:

Alumni Affairs has taken advantage of Google's Apps for Education in order to offer this service. In many ways, an alumni e-mail account is similar to an ordinary Gmail account, with two key differences:

  1. No advertising!
  2. Instead of having your address end in, you'll have

This is an opt-in service to alumni who wish to retain a university e-mail connection. Over 2,000 graduates are already using it regularly. Your e-mail will be stored on Google-owned servers, and kept private from the University of Toronto and Google. Your inbox can be accessed by you either from a desktop e-mail client like Outlook, or via Google's webmail service from any internet-enabled computer, or from your mobile device, such as an iPhone or BlackBerry.

What do I do with my old account?

All alumni are asked upon graduation to set up their old student address as a forwarding address. The department responsible for maintaining the University's e-mail servers (Computing & Networking Services) is asking alumni who are still actively using their utoronto address to switch it to forwarding instead. Where you decide to forward your address is up to you, but forwarding it to your alumni e-mail account will ensure that no mail is lost in the shuffle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is this e-mail "for life?"

2. So should I still forward my UTORmail (student) address?

3. I already have a Gmail account, so how does this help me?

4. My forwarded e-mail has been showing up later and later. Can this help me?

5. When I forwarded my UTORmail account before, the account I forwarded it to got flooded with spam. Can this help me?

6. Can I use this new service to recover my old student mail messages before I forward or close that account?

7. Can my "" account be forwarded to another account?

8. How many alumni have received an alumni email address?

9. Can anyone at the university read my e-mail?

10. I don't like the start page. Is there a shortcut that takes me straight to my inbox?

11.If I'm a graduate and also a returning student/staff member/faculty member, can I keep this address as well as my address?

12. I don't like Google's policy on advertisements.

13. I'm having trouble figuring out the account settings for POP/IMAP access from Outlook Express/Thunderbird.

14. What personal information is being shared with Google?

15. Where is my e-mail physically located?

16. I want to use my alumni email on a mobile device (Blackberry, etc.)

17. If I request a different address than I had before,what happens to the old one?

I have other questions. Are there other places to look for help?

Yes. Google has extensive help resources for users. You can find more information about how to use this email service at their Help Centre. This resource can answer all your technical questions. For policy questions, or questions relating to the University of Toronto, please contact

GMail is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

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